Louis Awerbuck

Clinical Psychologist


Office Number 6
Ground Floor
6 Van Riebeeck Street

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078 049 2677

Louis Awerbuck

Clinical Psychologist

has been in private practice as a clinical psychologist since 1995. He has been specialising in psychotherapy with adults and couples, as well as in psychological assessments, medico-legal testimonies and sport psychology. Louis also worked with several individual athletes on a provincial, national, and Olympic level, with the aim of improving their performance. He sometimes acts as a consultant for corporate companies regarding leadership development, change management and interpersonal skills training.

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In gesprek met Louis en Heinz

Jy word uitgenooi

om saam te kuier met twee vriende wat aktuele en ongewone kwessies bespreek oor ’n glas wyn – Louis is ’n kliniese sielkundige, skrywer, asook ’n gereelde en bekende stem op radio . Heinz is ’n mediese spesialis, skrywer van boeke en rubrieke, asook ‘n kunstenaar.

Ek & Jy Verhoudings wat werk

Louis Awerbuck with Lise Swart (2018)

Is your relationship with your partner difficult? It seems like we simply do not know how to make relationships work. Here is a workable solution. In Ek & Jy, the authors look soberly at love relationships and friendships in contemporary times: how they arise, our expectations, how to distinguish between short-term and long-term relationships, conditions for successful relationships, conflict management and the role of temperament. A practical guide for new and existing relationships as well as family or colleagues.

Anderkant uit

Louis Awerbuck with Hanlie Retief & Lise Swart(2015)

In Hanlie Retief’s regular interviews in Rapport, she persuades ordinary and famous people to open their hearts and share their secrets with readers. Anderkant uit is a collection of interviews with those people who experienced trauma and adversity – from addiction, crime and illness to loss – and managed to rise again.

The interviews are followed by a brief discussion on the impact of trauma on these people’s lives by psychologist Louis Awerbuck and Lise Swart, presenters of the radio program Wie is ek? on RSG. We can not choose what happens to us, but – as these gripping interviews wonderfully illustrate – we can choose how we react to the unexpected that comes our way.

Wie is ek?

Louis Awerbuck with Lise Swart (2014)

For centuries, man has struggled with the question, “Who am I?” In this book by Louis Awerbuck and Lise Swart, you as a reader are taken on a journey of exploration of yourself, your personality and your humanity.

The purpose of this book, based on Louis and Lise’s RSG radio program – Wie is ek?, is to empower people with knowledge so that they can better understand themselves and others.

The three sections of the book – “Who am I?”, “What am I struggling with?” And “What now?” Are arranged so that the reader can do step-by-step self-examination. There are questionnaires that test your preferences and personality, among other things, but can also help you determine if you suffer from depression, for example.


"Angs word nie veroorsaak deur aan die toekoms te dink nie. Jy ervaar angs omdat jy die toekoms probeer beheer. Angs kan dus afgeleer word."

Louis Awerbuck

"As jy verwag dat jou lewensmaat jou gelukkig moet maak, en gelukkig moet hou, is dit so goed jy het klaar jou tasse opgepak. Geen persoon kan dit van 'n ander persoon verwag nie."

Louis Awerbuck

"As jy sukkel met geestesgesondheid is dit iets wat jy ervaar, nie iets wat jy is nie. Al staan jy in die wind, en ERVAAR die wind, beteken dit nie dat jy die wind is nie"

Louis Awerbuck

"As mens geen rede meer het om in 'n verhouding te bly nie, is dit dan jou rede om die verhouding te verlaat"

Louis Awerbuck